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Shetland Sheepdog Information

Shetland Sheepdog

Shetland Sheepdog has a sized in the height about 13-16 inches (33-40.6 cm.) and the weight: 14-27 pounds (6.4-12.3 kg.). The owner must to control Shetland Sheepdog is weight because it easily to gain by over feed. Shetland Sheepdog like the Rough Collie, there is a tendency toward inherited malformation and disease of the eyes.

Shetland Sheepdog Pictures

Shetland Sheepdog Origin


Shetland Sheepdog Height

12.87 – 15.6 inches (33.0 – 40.0 cm)

Shetland Sheepdog Weight

19.8 – 24.2 pounds (9.0 – 11.0 kg)

Shetland Sheepdog Breed history

It has its name from the Shetland location from the NV of Scotland where they grew up beeing the outcome of crossbreeding the Scottish Border Collie using the dogs brough from Greenland by the whale hunters. Other crossbreedings produced later together with the Spitz dogs completed the size pretty modest of these dogs. While in the fur it looks like the Collie appearing to become a miniature Collie, it doesn’t have its characteristics.

Shetland Sheepdog Description

It can be a little to medium sized dog, with a tiny oblong physique and brawny. The head is narrow, zaftig, together with the skull equal in length with the snout and black nose.The eyes are medium sized, oblique, almond-shaped and dark brown or blue colour in the dogs with grey fur. The ears are smaller, caught up and bent towards the face. The tail is lengthy, bushy in hair and carried down and using the bent tip. The fur is double having a bushy underneath coating, harsh, long with mane and collar on the chest, plus the external coating is fluffy, soft and adhered on the body. The colours from the fur is ussualy a combination of a lot of colours : intense black, reddish and grey, grey-blue with white patches or cream-coloured on the chest, legs and tip in the tail (but not much more than 50%).

Shetland Sheepdog Personality

It can be an intelligent, jolly, obedient, cute and hardworking dog. It can be submissive and devoted to its master, affectionate and playful with all from the residence, like other animals from the household. It does not have a difficulty with children nevertheless it does not like getting annoyed by them. It is careful and attentive with strangers.

Shetland Sheepdog Grooming  

The grooming of this dog is just not extremely hard, the brushing and combing is going to be made occassionally and much more usually during the moulting period. In some regions on the body (back of the ears, on posterior legs) tows can take shape witch need to be combed.

Shetland Sheepdog Living Conditions

It can be a dog resistant to bad wheather and wheater alterations which loves physical exercise in open air, eager to obtain involved in diverse activities and even a operate addict. It wants socialization, instruction and workout routines.

Shetland Sheepdog Training  

It could be quickly trained because it has a massive disponibility for studying, a great deal superior comparatively to other dog breeds. Eager for activity and hardworking it can accomplish performances in numerous of your canine sports.

Shetland Sheepdog Usefulness

It is actually employed as a watchdog for the sheep flocks and houses but in addition as a companion dog.

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